Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cartoonist Photos Part 12

Here are some more old photos of the great and near great cartoonists of the 20th century.

We will begin today with Mr. Schulz. Here is Charles Schulz, 1945:

A 1956 press photo of Mr. Schulz drawing Snoopy for sailors on the USS Coral Sea:

And here are three of the cartoonist and Snoopy from 1970:

Bob Coyne (1989-1976), was a sports cartoonist. He began his career at the Boston Post. He drew over 15,000 cartoons during his 47 year career:

A 1956 press photo of "Cartoonist-Schoolteacher Les Landin on ETV." I know little about him except that for a time he taught school in Saratoga, CA. He also cowrote a book titled CREATIVE CHALKBOARD ACTIVITIES.

Cartoonist Wally Bishop, who drew "Muggs and Skeeter," 1972:

Canadian cartoonist Boardman Robinson:

Bruce Bairnsfather, 1930:

Bruce Bairnfather flanked my Mrs. Bruce Bairnsfather and secretary, 1930:

Chuck Jones, 1970s:

ARCHIE cartoonist Dan DeCarlo:

ALLEY OOP's Dave Graue in this official United Media photo from 1996:

Dick Locher:

One of my favorite portraits of Herblock:

Ken Reynolds, who creates something called "Quickies." I love his drafting table lamp. I think most cartoonists tends to have one of those!

Ray Osrin, comic book artist and then editorial cartoonist at the Plain Dealer, 1986. He was the second cartoonist I ever met:

The one and only Saul Steinberg, 1952:

Walt Disney, looking very serious, 1947:

My friend Eldon Pletcher, a nicer fellow and cartoonist you could not find. He was the editorial cartoonist for the Times-Pacayune:

Here's Fred Astaire. NOT a cartoonist -- but he played one on TV in 1962 on the Alcoa Premiere show. The episode was titled "Mr. Easy," and, in addition to hosting the anthology program, Mr. Astaire acted in it sometimes. All I know about this is that he plays a retired exec who "makes one of his doodles into a million dollar business." That explains the nice Midtown view out of his window. And the music for the show was composed by John Williams. Not too shabby!

Garry Trudeau, who was one of the personalities featured on the Grolier Story of America Subscription Card set (1994-2001), a series of cards that one subscribed to and received in the mail.

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