Tuesday, January 06, 2015

SIMPSONS Parody "STAR TREK" End Credits

It's the epitome of nerd culture to be presented with something cool and nerdy -- and then pick it apart for not being canon; destroying any pleasure one may have from this fun sequence by highlighting its perceived tiny flaws.

THE SIMPSONS did a classic STAR TREK-inspired end title sequence at the end of Sunday's episode. The credits are just like The Original Series, which has a number of well known stills from the show, all re-done in SIMPSONS style. If you dare, click over to the YouTube page to see the nitpicks (Marge as the Orion slave girl should be green, not blue; Bart in the Jefferies tube should have a red engineering tunic on, not a blue one; the Gorn is green not purple, and so on). I liked it anyway.

Den of Geek has so much more.

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