Thursday, January 15, 2015

Documentary INSIDE STAR TREK (1988)

I never knew this existed.

Here are all of the corporate guys -- Herbert F. Solow, Robert Justman, Grant Ticker. All of the guys who either worked on the 1960s STAR TREK series or were there, somewhere at the network, Desilu or Paramount, when the show was being produced.

This is all based on STAR TREK: THE REAL STORY by Justman and Solow. Solow is the host. He was the executive in charge of production. He tells us that the actors have all had their say, but now here the REAL behind the scenes story.

Justman is the one to watch here. He was there for it all: the story conferences, the shooting, etc. He even chose the music for the shows. Some of this hour long documentary is fascinating, and some of it sounds very defensive.  For instance, they say that NBC supported the show but there's no mention of the reduced budget for Season Three and the last minute switch to a bad time slot. Both of these affected the demise of the series. Solow and Tinker don't mention it, and don't mention why Roddenberry left the series because of broken promises from the network. Well, I could go on.

If you can get past the wall to wall tinkly music, then this is some interesting stuff. I have never seen Grant Tinker talk about his time at NBC. Subtitles are throughout.

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