Monday, January 12, 2015

STAR TREK (Stardate) Calendar 1976

Oh boy! I was so excited when I got this calendar. I bought it at the first STAR TREK convention I ever went to. The fellow who sold it to me told me it was rare (it wasn't)  and charged me an extra $5. What can I say? I was young and naive. My dear old Dad, who drove me to the downtown Cleveland convention, laughed about my being a sucker. Ah well. Live and learn! Of course, a week later in 1975, I saw these calendars in every bookstore in Randall Park Mall.

But, this year, I would be able to USE IT AGAIN!

So I had this great idea. Well, not MY idea. I nicked it from a friend. Mark Anderson posted the 1975 Marvel Comics calendar to his blog every month since, you know, 1975 and 2014 are the same! So … I was going to post this 1976 STAR TREK Stardate Calendar because, you know, 1976 should be the same as 2015. You see, star date 7601.01 is the same as 1501.01, and so on! Ha ha!

And it is! Well, at least 1/12th of it is!

January works fine, but after that we get into February and 1976 was a dang leap year so that plays merry hell with my 1976 is the same as this year theory.

But it was nice to page through a bit of memorabilia pre-ST movies and pre-TNG, pre-JJ Abrams -- back when STAR TREK was just thing little TV show that people watched on weekday afternoons and still talked about. Back when it was a nerdy thing to be into. Back when just watching a little spaceship move from left to right on the screen was AN AMAZING SPECIAL EFFECT.

Well, so, reflecting on all this: I goofed. I goofed at the convention and I goofed this year. But at least I was taught to be a good sport about it and I also share my toys. Here are the 12 images from the very first STAR TREK calendar.

Next time: the psychedelic poster that was included in this calendar.

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Brian Moore said...

DeForest Kelley's perma-glower always cheers me up.