Monday, October 19, 2020

Bob Weber, Sr. 1934 - 2020


Gag cartoonist and longtime King Features' Moose and Molly comic strip artist Bob Weber, Sr. passed away Friday night in his sleep. He was 86.

Bob began his career as a gag cartoonist in the 1950s. He would commute up from his home in Baltimore on Amtrak and do the magazine rounds from time to time. His cartoons were in the Saturday Evening Post and al of the big markets. He moved to Westport (or as he called it "Westpork") some years later to be closer. He assisted Dick Cavalli on his Morty Meekle comic strip beginning in 1959, helping with the art and writing chores. 

1965 saw the sale of his Moose comic strip to King Features. It was later called Moose and Molly. He drew the strip for 55 years, and joined the small pantheon of other 50+ year old comic strip artists like Charles Schulz and Walter Berndt. 

He was a master of the big foot style and the nutty gag. Like Moose, Bob was a big guy with a big personality. Bob was always ready with a cartoon-related story. He would talk to complete strangers, joking with them. He loved life, his family, and he loved cartooning and cartoonists. 

In later years, he would assist his son Bob Weber, Jr. on his Slylock Fox feature, just as Bob, Jr. had assisted him in years past. 

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Cartoonists at the Overlook Lounge, NYC some years back: Mike Lynch, Bob Weber, VG Myers, Sam Gross, Roy Delgado.

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