Monday, October 05, 2020

Family Circle November 23, 1945


Family Circle was one of those magazines that seemed like a mainstay during the 20th century. Everyone I knew had a couple of Family Circles in or near the kitchen. I picked a couple of wartime issues up at the Two Brothers used bookstore in Freeport, Maine. These are fun to look at, and while maybe not very heavy on the cartoon side of things, they are packed with illustration and it's like looking at another world. Enjoy!

This is the November 23, 1945 issue and it's copyrighted 1945 by The Family Circle Magazine, Inc.  Child star Margaret O'Brien poses as a cheerful kid pilgrim next to a very ugly turkey. 

These two don't look like a very happy couple.

Dave Huffine draws for Wheaties:

Illustrator Inga Stephens Pratt Clark "(1906–1970) was an American artist and book illustrator, who, with her husband Fletcher Pratt, was at the center of a circle of New York literary figures during the 20th century."

You might want to have some new recipes from 1945:

Jefferson Machamer for Folger's:

Who is that creepy mascot scrubbing and wearing the tartan?

Spooky column header.

Oleomargarine is so creepy looking.

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Smurfswacker said...

Margaret O'Brien must have had a heckuva publicity team. About the same time as this magazine came out, over at Parents' Press she was constantly featured in their tween-age girl's magazine "Polly Pigtails." She also had a line of clothing, ads for which saturated issue after issue.