Friday, October 16, 2020

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Color Gag Cartoons 1951 - 1955

Dick Buchanan has reached into his vast cartoon files and unearthed some vintage color gag cartoons for our Friday enjoyment! He writes:

"Seems all's well with your garden and as it was so colorful I thought I send you some cartoons that are colorful as well."

Thanks so much, Dick!


1951 – 1955

Here are a few of color gag cartoons from the early 1950’s, drawn by some of the 1950’s leading cartoonists of the time. These cartoons have been extracted from Collier’s, one of the most popular national weekly magazines of the first half of the 20th century. During this period Collier’s published several cartoons in color in each issue. Here are a few we found recently . . .

1. KATE OSANN. Colliers November 24, 1951.


2. BOB BARNES. Collier’s April 18, 1953.


3. JOSEPH G. FARRIS. Collier’s March 13, 1954.


4. HARRY MACE. Collier’s April 5, 1952.


5. JAN & STAN BERENSTAIN. Collier’s August 7, 1953.


6. KIRK STILES. Collier’s July 11, 1953.


7. LARRY FRICK. Collier’s June 13. 1953.

8. GEORGE WOLFE. Collier’s April 5, 1952.

9. JERRY MARCUS. Collier’s November 12, 1951.


10. WILLIAM VON RIEGEN. Collier’s April 29, 1955.


11. WILLIAM O’BRIAN. Collier’s July 11, 1953.

12. DICK HESSER. Collier’s November 2, 1954.


13. STAN FINE. Collier’s October 30, 1953.


14. JACK MARKOW. Collier’s July 4, 1953.

15. CORKA (Jon Cronin). Collier’s July 11, 1953.


Ger Apeldoorn said...

I don't think that tha one cartoon is by O'Brian. It seems more like the style (and signature) of O'Brien.

Dick Buchanan said...

Absolutely right! Jack O’Brien is the cartoonist. That crossed my mind but brain freeze struck again—just further proof I am no expert, just a guy who’s managed to outlive many of the real experts..