Friday, October 23, 2020

Mike Lynch Teaches Cartooning


I knew this was going to be a tough week, what with teaching my History of Comics class and two History of Political Cartoons classes at the New Hampshire Institute of Art at New England College, I was also doing a series of "how to draw cartoons" classes for a local middle school the same week. Oh, and one of the college classes had its midterm this week too. Very busy!

So it was great to get a lot of comments and thank yous from the middle school students that their teacher forwarded to me yesterday. (That's his comment on the upper right.) These were all put together on some Google Drive app that makes them look like candy colored post-its. 

I'm so glad that this resonated with the kids. All of my teaching is now done via Zoom, so it's very hard to read the room and get a sense about how things are going. Well, these pages certainly told me that it was time well spent showing the kids how to draw hands, expressions, word balloons, and so on. Wow!

Now, I better grade those midterms.

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