Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Al Jaffee Turns 100 - Will You Send Him Some Birthday Greetings?

Here's fantastic caricature artist, former Mad Magazine AD and all-around swell guy Sam Viviano. Go ahead and read Sam's plans for Al's birthday in March -- but DO NOT tell Al. OK? Thanks! Here's Sam:

"The legendary Al Jaffee will celebrate his 100th birthday on March 13. You are invited to send him greetings at the post office box shown in the graphic.

"Please be sure to put your full name and address on the envelope. This will help me keep track of everything that comes in.

"The box is active for the next six months, so don’t worry if you think your greeting won’t arrive by the 13th. I’m sure Al will be happy to continue celebrating his birthday even after it’s passed!"



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