Thursday, November 16, 2023

Collaborating on The Mysteries - Bill Watterson and John Kascht


 From Andrews McMeel, here's a short behind the scenes story about the new book The Mysteries, which stars its creators, Bill Watterson and John Kascht. Well, it really just stars their hands and their hands working on various pieces of art, trying to get the right tone to complement the text. Bill and John are old friends and both worked on the final project. There was a lot of "wandering around" in the process of creating the book -- and it sounds like they both enjoyed the wandering. 

Related: The New Yorker: Life After Calvin and Hobbes. (Hat tip to Dad for letting me know about the review! Thanks, Dad!)

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Brian Fies said...

Thanks, Mike! Interesting project... I haven't read the book yet, but wonder how their contributions and styles will mesh. In any case, I always love "process stuff," so this is great!