Friday, November 03, 2023

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Magazine Gag Cartoons 1945 - 1966


It's time to catch up with Dick Buchanan. He's the man who has zillions of gag cartoons in his Cartoon Clip File located somewhere in beautiful Greenwich Village. Dick has, through these past years, been so kind to share his collection with us here. So, as the cold arrives and the days get shorter, here is Dick to bring a little cartoony warmth to our lives. Thanks and take it away, Dick!


(1945- 1966)

Your friendly crackpot cartoon curator spent the summer rummaging through the countless magazines which we have been amassed over decades and decided to take took a second look to see if something was overlooked. By golly, it turns out quite a few gag cartoons slipped through the cracks. No surprise as there are plenty of cracks around here. Take a look. . .

1. ORLANDO BUSINO. True Magazine April, 1966.

 "I told him a dollar's worth wouldn't be enough."


2. MISCHA RICHTER. Look Magazine July 3, 1962.


3. A.E. BEARD. Punch May 12, 1954.



4. STANLEY STAMATY. Cartoon Humor November, 1949.


5. CRAWFORD YOUNG. American Magazine May, 1945,


6. JACK TYRELL. The Saturday Evening Post July 26, 1958.


7. BILL YATES. American Legion Magazine September, 1958.


8. EVAN D. DIAMOND. American Magazine June, 1955.


9. NORMAN BROCKBANK. Punch April 7, 1954.

 "Oh, yes -- and there's a Mr. Prendergast from Empyrean Aircraft waiting outside."


10. L. L. SIGGS. Punch February 5, 1958.



11. JOHN GALLAGHER. American Legion Magazine August, 1965.

 12. JOHN BAILEY. The Saturday Evening Post January 6, 1945.

13. BARBARA SHERMUND. The Saturday Evening Post September 28-August 4, 1962.


14. PHIL INTERLANDI. Look Magazine May 5, 1964.


15. JOHNNY HART. American Legion Magazine April, 1955.

16. MORT WALKER. This Week Magazine May 15, 1949.


17. JOHN DEMPSEY. Look Magazine March 1, 1960.



18. HARRY LYONS. True Magazine November, 1956.


19. HERMAN Argosy 1965 September 1


20. JAMES WORLEY. American Magazine October, 1949. 




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