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From the Dick Buchanan Files: Favorite Gag Cartoons 1947 - 1958

Dick Buchanan, who frequently contributes great vintage gag cartoons to this here blog, has another terrific batch. These are his favorites from the golden age of magazine cartooning. As ever, thanks for sharing and take it away, Dick:


GAG CARTOONS 1947 - 1958 

It is time once more to dip into the Cartoon Clip File and emerge with another hodgepodge of cartoons haphazardly clipped from the great magazines of the 20th Century—one of the funniest centuries ever. 

Here are just a few examples of vintage American humor by some of the leading cartoonists of the era.  

1.  CHARLES ADDAMS. True June 1949.

2.  MARTHA BLANCHARD. The Saturday Evening Post December 15, 1956.

3.  PETER VATSURES. The Saturday Evening Post July 18, 1953.

4.  CHON DAY.  The Saturday Evening Post January 31, 1948.

5.  JOSEPH KIERNAN. For Laughing Out Loud April-June 1958.

6.  JOHN GALLAGHER. Collier’s December 1, 1951.

7.  BRAD ANDERSON. For Laughing Out Loud January-March, 1958.

8.  HERB GREEN.  1000 Jokes Magazine June-August, 1958.

9.  SIDNEY HARRIS.  Laugh Parade May 1957.

10.  JOHNNY HART.  American Legion Magazine January 1956.

11.  TOM HENDERSON.  American Legion Magazine March 1956.

12.  GEORGE LICHTY.  Lichty’s NCS award winning syndicated panel Grin and Bear It was created in 1932. Lichty drew the panel until 1974. Collier’s October 11, 1947.

13.  IRWIN CAPLAN.  The Saturday Evening Post.  November 22, 1952.

14.  CARL ROSE.  Rose illustrated one of The New Yorker’s most celebrated cartoons—the “I say it’s spinach and I say the hell with it” gag. Collier’s October 11, 1947.

15.  JOHN DEMPSEY.  Another example of Dempsey’s “not for prime time” gags that were perfect for 1000 Jokes. 1000 Jokes Magazine November-January, 1958.

- This has been an edited version of a blog entry that originally appeared on January 5, 2018.

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