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Remembering the National Cartoonists Society's Latisha Moore

There's a saying that the National Cartoonists Society is great since it's run by cartoonists. It's also problematic because it's run by cartoonists.

There needs to be someone who helps organize their annual convention. In the beginning, that was Marge Devine, who was working there at King Features in 1946 "along with founding fathers [who] gave birth to illegitimate child called NCS." Marge managed the behind the scenes work in getting the cartoonists together for decades.

In the 1980s, NCS President Bill Hoest hired a professional management company. At the time, this was a controversial approach: bringing in outsiders who had no connection to the group. But Bill was right. The NCS needed professional organizers.

By the time I served on the board, in 2005 or so, Latisha James was part of a group of professionals who handled the nuts and bolts of the annual conventions. Within a few years, the group had shifted. She started her own company and became the primary backbone of this process and handled membership questions and, well, heaven knows how many queries by members and people who wanted to be members. Her contact information was all over the NCS site. Anyone could pick up the phone and call. She was the go-to. She was the glue. 

Always cheerful and with a fierce memory (She knew EVERYONE.), if Latisha couldn't help she would find someone who could. If she said she'd get back with me about a question I had that she didn't know the answer to, she did. When she wasn't at the sign-in table at the Jersey City Marriott for the most recent Reubens, I was surprised. There were some blank Bristol boards on the table. "Sign a get well card for Latisha?" By the end of the Reubens, there were many cards, filled up, with so many sketches and wishes for recovery and love. 

 From the NCS:


"The National Cartoonists Society has suffered a great loss this week. As the temperature drops and winter looms on the horizon, we’ve felt a deeper chill, one that cuts to our very souls. Our Management Executive, Latisha Moore has lost her valiant battle with cancer.

"Most organizations have that one person who works tirelessly behind the scenes, often unsung and unnoticed, who gets things done and makes the people she works for look great. For the NCS, that was Latisha. She began working with us several years ago as an employee of our previous management company, but when that firm folded she established her own company. We already knew how wonderful she was and naturally hired her to keep on getting things done and making us look great.

"For most of us, Latisha was the first person we met when arriving at the registration table for the annual Reuben Awards weekend. Hers was the beautiful, smiling face that welcomed us as she or one of her assistants handed us our goodie bags, T-shirts, and badges. She answered any questions we had and made us feel at home and comfortable. If anything went awry with the hotel, she handled it. If we needed transportation to an off-site event, she arranged it. She ordered the awards and made sure they were shipped to the hotel on time, and all accounted for. While we were attending seminars, catching up with old friends, sightseeing, and partying, she was working hard to make sure that every one of a thousand details came off brilliantly.

"… Latisha has been described as 'the heart and soul of the NCS,' 'the glue that holds us together,”' and 'the oil that keeps the machinery running.' And she was all of those things, but the thing that made Latisha really special was that she cared about the NCS. Managing the organization wasn’t just a job to her, and the evidence of that is how she continued to work to the best of her ability in the midst of her devastating illness and hospitalizations. She even attempted to travel to Jersey City to perform her duties at the Reuben Awards earlier this year, until she finally had to face the fact that her body just wouldn’t allow it."

A Memorial Service will be held at 11am, December 16th

at 455 28th Ave, Vero Beach, FL  32967 

Latisha’s daughter, Chasidity, is assembling a slideshow and would appreciate

any photos or messages to be sent to her via email (

If you would like to mail a personal note, please use 3707 Conroy Rd. #1721, Orlando FL 32839




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