Monday, November 27, 2023

David Sipress Zoom Event Tonight


New Yorker cartoonist David Sipress will talk about his new autobiography What's So Funny and his creative process in a free Zoom seminar tonight at 9:30pmEST. Link to preregister here.

"David Sipress will discuss the central role that humor played in his memoir and how humor—and creativity in general—has helped him to navigate difficult life challenges. He hopes to shed light on the art of writing a memoir, including the challenge of memory (what’s true and what might not be entirely true). He hopes to also discuss his creative process as a cartoonist.

"Sipress, a staff cartoonist at The New Yorker since 1998, has published nearly 700 cartoons in the magazine. His personal history essays appear often on He has lectured widely on cartoons and cartooning. His memoir, WHAT’S SO FUNNY?, was published in 2022. The New York Times called it “an endearingly vulnerable tale of being molded by one’s family of origin, then crawling out from under its suffocating weight.”

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