Wednesday, April 24, 2024

BBC Archive: Raymond Briggs Talks About His Graphic Novel "When the Wind Blows" (1983)


When the Wind Blows by Raymond Briggs was first published as a graphic novel in 1982. It's "known for its critiques against government issued preparations for nuclear war. Utilizing a cartoonish design, this graphic novel follows a retired couple, Jim and Hilda Bloggs, and their journey through surviving a nuclear attack on Britain launched by the Soviet Union. The novel was later adapted for different entertainment types including an animated film, radio play, and stage play" - Wikipedia.

Here's Mr. Briggs, in 1983, talking to the BBC about the book and its aims. It was not a "protest book," says Briggs, but a "human story." The short video includes some peeks at his studio, as well as a look at the recording of the book as a radio play starring Peter Sallis and Brenda Bruce. It was just released on the BBC Archive channel


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