Monday, April 08, 2024

Where Did the "Calvin Peeing" Stickers Come From?



I don't know why and neither do you, but those unlicensed Calvin and Hobbes "Calvin Peeing" stickers have been around for a long time. You know the ones. They're illegal and traced from the comic strip without permission and, well, we have seen them for years. It all started in 1988. Scroll down to see where the image originally came from.


Sometimes they are there just to hate on haters.




For some reason, this clothing company is hated by car's driver. Seems petty.


Calvin pees on all manner of political parties and sports teams and so on.

Sometimes it's a deeply personal sentiment of hatred.

Calvin also wears hats and glasses and sometimes gives the finger while peeing. 

Sometimes it's not Calvin.


Which leads me to this sentiment.


The panel originally appeared in this Sunday June 5th 1988 Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. 

OK, until there's a sticker of Bill Watterson peeing on everyone who illegally profited from this, I'm outta here.

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