Saturday, April 20, 2024

No More Ads On the Blog


A couple of weeks ago, I set up "Google AdSense," an app the puts ads on the blog. I asked on social media what people thought.

"After 17 years, I put ads over on my blog. I’m worried that this is such a distraction that it annoys people.

"Is it annoying? Do so many sites have ads anyway that you don’t notice? Are blogs soooooo 1990s that who cares really? Link in bio.

"Comments and funny remarks welcome."

And got some comments:

"The density of ads made it seem like they were making up for lost time."

"That interstitial ad after the first cartoon had me worried the there would one every three images or so. But that first one was the only one. I can live with that, and the sidebars."

"The ads don’t bother me. I really like your blog. It has so many cartoons and cartoonists I haven’t heard of and some of my favorites. It is lots of fun."

"I’m pretty used to ads by now so they don’t bother me."

"Blogs may be from the turn of the century but they are still fun to read."

"100% totally annoying. Now, if they were ads for cartooning books and supplies, maybe not so much."

"Late to the party but - yes. Just found you on Instagram, Decided to go to your blog...and then poof! Huge ad with eyes in a tree?! And then if you wait a second covers the whole top of your blog and covers your name bar at the top. I didn't even look at what you had to say- I just backed out of it all so that I could get away from the ads."

Yesterday, I shut down the ads on the blog. It's not just a visual disruption. Google wanted a copy of my driver’s license or passport — and I ain’t gonna give ‘em that. Ugh.

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