Thursday, April 18, 2024

Cartoon-Related Sheet Music Covers

I saw this post by Rob Stolzer on the Hogan's Alley Facebook page and completely snagged it and present it here. Like Rob, I'm not a sheet music collector, but it sure is fun to see all of these comic characters and their sheet music covers gathered together. Here's Rob: 


"There is someone on eBay who has been offering a wonderful selection of cartoon-related sheet music. I don't collect sheet music, but saved the seller's images, straightening them out and sharpening them a bit. I thought the group might be interested in seeing them"


Thanks, Rob! Great to see these. 



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Smurfswacker said...

This reminded me of a fun novelty tune from 1932, "Laffin' at the Funnies," which name checks a whole list of early comic strips. It was recorded by Ruby Newman and his Ritz-Carlton Orchestra with a vocal trio called The Funnyboners (no wisecracks, please). I'm not sure if you're okay with links in the comments, but you can find the record on YouTube at []