Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cartoonist Pat Byrnes' Musical

If you're in Chicago on November 24th, consider taking in a show. New Yorker cartoonist Pat Byrnes has written a 50 minute musical titled "Fässi Goboggan and the Curly Headed Girl" which will have its first staged reading next Tuesday night at 7pm at the Theatre Building Chicago.

"'Fässi Goboggan and the Curly Headed Girl' — by Pat Byrnes (with help from Rebecca Byrnes (age 4) — Nine-year-old Sarah flies through what would have been an impossible day at school, thanks to the return of her old imaginary friend, Fässi Goboggan. Join them as they battle ketchup-spewing cloud sharks, cavort with snowbots, and learn how parents protect us even when they are far away."

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