Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Warren Kremer Originals

Warren Kremer. Not a household name, but a comics artist that millions of kids have read. He drew a lot of the Harvey Comics characters for 35 years and created or co-created (along with Harvey Comics publisher Alfred Harvey and editor Sid Jacobson) Stumbo the Giant, Hot Stuff and others. During his 35 years with Harvey, he drew all of the covers. Warren's son Richard is the namesake for "Richie Rich."

When it comes to clean layout and a wonderful sense of story-telling, take a look at these original Warren Kremer comics pages at the Three Men in A Tub blog. I don't know for sure who did these inks, but it may have been Kremer himself. Shades of Jeff Smith's smooth inky style here, huh?

Hat tip to Comics Reporter!


Mark Anderson said...

Ooh hoo! Can't wait to peruse these!

Barry Corbett said...

Yeah, that linework is a thing of beauty!