Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Video: Greg Evans

Real straight forward, how-I-do-what-I-do kinda advice here in this video of LUANN creator and Reuben Award winning cartoonist Greg Evans.

Although this may look like a casual speech, it's obvious that Greg is a polished presenter. In this 9 minute presentation, he talks about how he sold the strip, why he draws the way he draws, and the evolution of the way he draws LUANN.

Videos like this were catnip to me when I was a kid -- and they still are. I love seeing a professional draw, and Greg draws quite a lot as he talks, letting the audience of teachers in on some solid cartoon techniques.

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vldazzle said...

I was just directed here by a comment on the current Luann cartoon board at and I loved seeing how much Greg enjoys drawing the strip (25 years now). There are other things I'm also going to be checking out in your blogs also listed (as time allows) as the online strips of quite a few others also provide me with much fun.