Monday, November 16, 2009

James B. Sikking on Getting Paid for STAR TREK III

I've heard a lot of STAR TREK behind the scenes stories. One thing about the TREK movies is that they were shot on tight budgets. For instance, STAR TREK II reuses a Klingon control panel set from STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE as a transporter control. (From the McCoy/Kirk scene: "Where are we going?" "Where they went." "Suppose they went nowhere?" "Then this'll be your big chance to get away from it all.")

In STAR TREK VI there was a "Kirk rounds up the crew" beginning where Kirk finds each retired member of the crew, enlisting them in one last mission. It was written but scrapped as too expensive to shoot.

Here is a story I never heard before. It's a telephone conversation via YouTube with the seasoned actor James B. Sikking about his brief (It was shot in a day.) though memorable scene in STAR TREK III. As interviewer Roger Crow observes, not all actors get paid cash for their work.

The interview seems to end abruptly after about 2 minutes.

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Hi Mike. There's about 15mins more where that came fromt but didn't want to bore folks with the full thing.
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