Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Video: ZITS/DOOZIES Inside Joke

The DOOZIES t-shirt is a gift that keep on giving.

A cartoonist-to-cartoonist inside joke in the papers today. Below is Tom Gammill's "Learn to Draw Lesson 8" from earlier this year, and, below that, today's ZITS comic strip:

A big hat tip to Tom Gammill and Sean Kelly!


dylanio21 said...

Hahahaha, that's awesome and short, totally great. Thanks.

Myron said...

Maybe you can answer this question for me. Why are all webcomics versions of syndicated cartoons so blasted small???

I clicked on your link, and that giant, clear (and uncolorized) picture came up. It was a delight!

I read that cartoon online yesterday ( arcamax.com , for the record) but I didn't notice the in-joke. Perhaps the infernal coloring of webcomics may also be to blame, but I think size is more the problem. The online comic is comperable in size to the tiny, tiny comic that the (Sioux Falls, SD) Argus Leader runs every day.

I don't mind scrolling. Really I don't. More big comics, please.