Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Adrian Tomine Interview

GQ Magazine scribe Andy Morris interviews illustrator/cartoonist Adrian Tomine. A lot of the interview is asking him what he thinks about other illustrators, magazines, etc. Here's Adrian on New York City for tourists:

Question: What's the one thing anyone visiting New York should do that's not on the tourist trail? 
Adrian Tomine: Come to Brooklyn. I know a lot of tourists are intimidated by the idea of leaving Manhattan, but I think it's a really incomplete New York experience if you just stay around your midtown hotel. Even if you only have an afternoon to spare, come check out Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Heights promenade, the flea markets. Grab a meal at Frankies 457, Prime Meats, El Almacen, Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches, or any random pizza place. If nothing else, go to Bagel Hole and buy a dozen of the best bagels in the world.

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