Monday, November 11, 2013

Patricia J. Williams: Writing As Women's Work

Here's a link to Patricia J. Williams"Diary of a Mad Law Professor" column for The Nation. She's talking about the devaluation of "content;" i.e., people not wanting to pay for your work.

Take a look at this exchange between zoologist Dr. Danielle Lee, a blogger for Scientific American, and a blog editor named "Ofek" who wanted her to provide content at

"What are your payment rates for guest bloggers?” 
"We don't pay." 
“Thank you very much, but I will have to decline your offer. Have a great day." 
“Because we don’t pay for blog entries? Are you an urban scientist or an urban whore?”


These kind of nasty, bullying people will always be with us and it's not news to anyone in the creative arts.

The whole story is here.


Getting Paid for Your Creative Work.

Harlan Ellison: Pay the Writer

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vwstieber said...

I'm a white male and I periodically get "invited" to pay a journal to have my writing published.

Sure, you bet, right after I finish setting a stack of $20s on fire and handing them out on the street.