Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TINTIN Book Resonates Today's Politics

Dhaka Tribune writer Muhammed Eusha reviews THE BROKEN EAR, a Tintin book from 1937 -- and notes how
this fascinating comic is extraordinarily gripping, and it progresses with such celerity that it is clearly not a book meant only for children.
His point is how powerfully the plot resonates today with Iraq and, now, with Iran.
This extraordinary comic book, written and drawn over 70 years ago, reveals that the vile games of war played to decide who wins the rights over the oil fields are nothing new. The trend unfortunately continues today and the last casualty was Iraq. 
Alan Greenspan, in his memoir, has acknowledged solemnly that even though it is “politically inconvenient,” it is an open secret that the sanguinary war was fought for oil. General John Abizaid, an Iraq war veteran, showed a nonchalant audacity by saying that it was “of course for oil.”
A fascinating review -- and one that will make you scurry to go and read (or reread) THE BROKEN EAR.

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