Friday, November 15, 2013

Mike Lynch Cartoon in December 2013 Reader's Digest

I have a cartoon in this month's Reader's Digest.

They say: be careful what you hate.

Because, you know, you will become that very thing.

Back in September, just as the kids were getting into school, the local grocery store put up their Halloween displays. Ridiculous! Way too early and annoying.

Now, here it is not Thanksgiving yet, and I am putting up a Christmas cartoon.

Ah well.

Happy weekend.

 --- Mike "Too Early and Annoying" Lynch

The original sketch. I like this cartoon better in black and white line.


Mark Anderson said...

Oh man, that's just lovely. I like both the line only and the color! And a great gag! Curse you Mike Lynch and your clever brain!


Great one, Mike! Keep it up.