Monday, November 04, 2013

FOUR COLOR #1031 "Fury" Art by Tom Gill

Saved From the Paper Drive, a blog with not only cool stuff on it but also with the coolest name, showcases some scans from Dell's comic book FOUR COLOR #1031, September 1959. FOUR COLOR was a long-running comic book series that featured different stories each month. This month: a story based on the NBC TV series "Fury," a Western that ran for five years beginning in 1955. A pre-Mission Impossible Peter Graves starred in the show, which focussed on the life of a boy and his horse.

The script is by the prolific Peter S. Newman, with art by my friend Tom Gill. Tom was a go-to guy at Dell when it came to Westerns. His studio was producing Dell's LONE RANGER comic book.

Go read "The Three-Toed Killer" at the Saved From the Paper Drive blog.

From the archives:

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