Tuesday, April 03, 2007

1970s TV

Hey, it's time for some fun 1970s clips for no particular reason except this is my blog and I get to share what I want. So there.

Friday night is family night on ABC. Video promo here. It's kinda stupid and repetitive -- but so were the shows. And there's more than one college thesis out there that says we all love our comfortable, boring sitcoms.

Room 222 promo here. Hey -- where's that school's metal detectors?! Maybe one day they'll put this out on DVD.

For some reason, I remembered this whole title sequence from the 1970s Ghost & Mrs. Muir show, despite not seeing the thing since 1970. Scary. And, of course, Charles Nelson Reilly is ALWAYS scary.

And speaking of Reilly -- here's an amazing devotional site dedicated to the Match Game TV quiz show. It's all Match Game, All the time. More here.

But Johnny C.'s blog Hole in the Head takes the cake with these clips from 1973. I bow in the face of your awesome 70s coolosity, dude!

(Art from The Partridge Family, Vol. 1, No. 2, written and illustrated by Don Sherwood, Charlton Comics, May 1971 -- taken from this Flickr set of fun images.)

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