Tuesday, April 03, 2007

David Pogue: No Tech Support/No Humor

David Pogue had an item yesterday titled "When Tech Support is Outsourced - and Common Sense is Dead." Although a couple of people don't believe the reported exchange between a Dell Computer customer service rep and a real person (scroll down below the article for the comments) -- it sure sounds real to me. And this guy's trying to help this company out -- telling them about a fraud -- and he just gets ignored!

And take a peek at the video "Can Gadgets and Humor Mix?" on the right side of that same Web page. David's had criticism over his sense of humor, and takes it to heart, willingly censoring humor from his presentation.

You see? You put stuff out there -- cartoons, words, video, etc. -- and EVERYONE just (*sob*) tramples over you and your creation!

Mike's caveat: I went to high school with David and I always thought he was funny. He could do this trick where he'd slam his locker door on his head so it looked like it really, really hurt! That's good enough for me. Now ... you critics ... it's like you are really slamming that door on good ol' David Pogue. Stop it!

PS I love the note above from his site.

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