Monday, April 02, 2007

Doctor Who "Smith and Jones"

The third season opener of DOCTOR WHO premiered in the UK this past weekend. There are viral videos of the premiere on YouTube. These are being taken off of the Google-owned site by its administrators almost as fast as people put them up.

As of this moment, these links work:

Doctor Who SMITH AND JONES Part 1

Doctor Who SMITH AND JONES Part 2

Doctor Who SMITH AND JONES Part 3

Doctor Who SMITH AND JONES Part 4

Doctor Who SMITH AND JONES Part 5

Of course, if the links are dead -- ("This video has been removed due to terms of use violation") then try typing in:

doctor who smith jones

And maybe you can find a link that works.

UPDATE April 6, 2007: Yes, all the links were zonked. YouTube user LSMURF has posted the first part of the episode (with a prologue that I hadn't seen). The other bits are easily findable. Who knows? It may stay up for the weekend.


Becca said...

I've seen a few bloggers linking sites that have this episode up and I think it's great! Why oh why in this day and age do we not get BBC channels on our cable boxes? If the makers of these shows don't want us to view pirated copies then they should make it easier for us to see shows like Spaced and Dr. Who.

Great episode by the way!

starman208 said...

great episodes, JoshEdwards07 has them on youtube. watch them while they are still there!