Wednesday, April 04, 2007

STAR TREK: The Immunity Syndrome

"Shut up, Spock! We're rescuing you!"

"The Immunity Syndrome" gets its efx remastered this weekend. Video preview here.

A couple of other items:

A short, funny mash up video for those who get the reference.

And, in honor of that TREK episode, there's a little something called STAR TREK AFTER DARK which is R rated. The poster of the vid, Kelvington, says:

Well Spockboy and I were at it again this week, this is one of those videos that came from a single statement. Spockboy said, "You know 'The Immunity Syndrome' has a lot of very 'odd' lines in it." Well, that's all it took, I loaded it up and started hacking. What you have here is the final edit of a new feature on Cinemax, Star Trek After Dark. This video is so odd, it has TWO versions. One that reasonably suitable for family viewing here, and this one. Make sure you watch the commercial at the end of the video, they are our new sponsor... kinda.

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Mark Anderson said...

That money shot vid is really funny. Maybe a bit long, but good nonetheless.