Thursday, April 19, 2007

Captain Kirk Returns

J.J. Abrams. the director of the new Star Trek movie that will premiere at the end of 2008, confirmed to Star Trek Magazine that William Shatner will reprise his role as Captain Kirk. Trekmovie has the news. Plot details are under wraps, but I keep hearing it's going to be a reimagining of young Kirk's formative years. Shatner's role will be more of a stunt or cameo role.

Makes me wonder if this is going to be like Lynn Johnston's upcoming FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE hybrid strip this fall -- with the Patterson family reminiscing. Maybe Shatner & Nimoy will be sitting around saying, "Remember our first meeting at Starfleet Academy? It seems like yesterday .... " Dissolve to dashing young actor (rumor: Matt Damon) playing a young Kirk.

It sounds scary to me.

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Brian Fies said...

Y'know, as a 40-year Trekkie I should be the ideal audience for this movie, but nothing I've heard so far leaves me itching to see it. Maybe I just haven't heard enough... or maybe it's not a good idea. If *I'm* not eagerly anticipating it, I can't imagine how they expect the general public to buy $100 million worth of tickets.

I'd be delighted if they'd find a way to undo Kirk's ignominious death, though. Shouldn't be too hard: time has no meaning in the Nexus, right?