Sunday, April 01, 2007

Brian Duffy Video

"The Des Moines Register is the only daily newspaper in the country with an editorial cartoon on its front page," so says the beginning of the video that shows you more about the editorial cartoon process but Brian Duffy, its editorial cartoonist. The video begins as soon as you click on the page.

You get to see the process that Brian uses to create his cartoons -- a combo of old (ink on paper) and new (coloring via computer). If you check out more of the paper, then you can see that every day he'll have a sketch to finish video of that day's cartoon. Always worth bookmarking to see something like this, huh? Fun stuff!

And check out the AAEC/OSU link to the Opper Project ("Using Editorial Cartoons to Tech history") and Toon-o-Matic (cartoons for the classroom).

Big tip of the cartoon hat to my pal Dave Carpenter. Thanks Dave! Great things come from Iowa -- like Dave, Mark Anderson and me (born Iowa City, IA)!

1 comment:

Mark Anderson said...

I remember growing up and knowing that Duffy was on the front page and assuming that that's how editorial cartoons worked.

Oh that I were right.

Seriously, an editorial cartoon on the front page – that so rocks!