Monday, November 26, 2007


Here are some J.M. Bosc (1924-1973) single panel cartoons from CARTOONS THE FRENCH WAY ("Roguish - Raucous - Ribald") edited by Rene Goscinny, Lion Literary Edition, published September 1955. Copyright 1955 by Manvis Publications, Inc.

Cover art by John Sidrone. Some pretty women in the cartoons, yes, but it's not too ribald at all.

All of Bosc's cartoons are wordless in this collection. Wordless sells internationally, you see.

Bosc's drawings are both specific, when they need to be, and spare.

What I like about Bosc is the element of surprise. Above: a violin as defense against critics.

Again, struggling against the odds is the above motif. Jean Bosc struggled with what we call shell shock for many years.

His sister Renée had the above cartoon rendered into marble in memory of her brother.

The cartoons dealing with death have another level to them after knowing that the cartoonist committed suicide.

Above: a good metaphor for cartooning!

There's a site all about cartoonist J.M. Bosc that I wrote about here. It's designed by his nephew, Alain Damman. You may gorge yourself on Bosc's cartoons there.

Alain, for some reason your email is not working for me -- otherwise I would have posted you a note about me posting some more Bosc on the Web.


Mark Anderson said...

Man oh man. You gotta love how simply that audience is drawn without losing the whole crowd vibe. Wow! I gotta steal that!

Darryl Cunningham said...

Very inspiring.

Pascal Kirchmair said...

I like your article about Jean-Maurice Bosc, who is one of my favourite cartoonists!

Olivia Bara said...

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