Wednesday, November 07, 2007

CUL DE SAC by Richard Thompson

Bill Watterson has an official blurb at the Andrews McMeel Universal Web site endorsing Richard Thompson's talent and his strip CUL DE SAC specifically.

Big hat tip to Tom Spurgeon today, who writes most aptly:

"... Bill Watterson's endorsement is part of the sales package. That's sort of like getting JD Salinger to do a cover blurb."

Related: The Daily Cartoonist asks Richard to name his top fave cartoonist influences.


Mark Anderson said...

Wow! Now THAT'S an endorsement! Holy bejeezus!

Mike Lynch said...

Not only was it a nice endorsement, the strip is very, very good; ome excellent fish out of water/kids' POV of life -- and I love Thompson's scratchy style too. Very personal, like he's drawing it in his notebook and photocopying it for all to see.