Monday, November 19, 2007

Gahan Wilson Interviewed by Bob Mankoff

"Just the slippers is fine."

Cartoonist Gahan Wilson talks with New Yorker Cartoon Editor Robert Mankoff in this The New Yorker Out Loud Podcast titled "Freak Show." Subjects covered: Wilson's early days, his cartoon sensibility, and Charles Addams.

“[Back in the 1950s my first sale] the first one… the big breakthrough… was Ziff-Davis Publications. And Ziff-Davis printed these wonderful pulp magazines, and they had amazing stories and fantastic stories, which were great thick pulp things, and they had fabulous covers of women with tremendous breasts and things with many, many tentacles reaching for those same breasts.”

Huge ten gallon hat tip to Dirk Deppey at Journalista!

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H/t to Comics Reporter too!!!

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