Friday, November 16, 2007

HARVEY by Mary Chase

Thought of the Day.

My favorite quote from HARVEY is at the end of this 47 second clip from the 1950 movie version.

There's a reason why playwright Mary Chase won a Pulitzer!


richardcthompson said...

Yes, that's the bit that always stuck with me. Also where Jesse White reads "And how are you, Mr. Wilson?"

Spikey said...

It's funny how your memory can retain the essence of something, even if the specific details become kind of hazy over time.

I saw this film many years ago and for some reason always remembered the line (incorrectly it turns out) as "I've been smart and I've been nice...nice is better".

Mark Anderson said...

You know what, I've never seen that movie. Now I have to go get it.

It looks smart and pleasant at the same time.

Mike Lynch said...

Richard, I always laugh when Jesse White asks, "Who in the encyclopedia wants to know?!" and then he shakes the book as if to dispel it.

Ray, I had that same haze too. It wasn't until I saw the movie recently that I saw that I too had misremembered the line.

Mark, you're in for a treat. I do think you have to patient with this movie since it's paced a little less frantic than contemporary movies. Don't get that newer version, with TV's Harry Anderson and Swoosie Kurtz!