Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mike Peters at 2007 OSU Festival of Cartoon Art

Via Mark Anderson comes some 7 minutes of the great cartoonist Mike Peters' presentation at this past weekend's OSU Cartoon Festival.

Mark was gracious enough to live-blog while at the Festival, and his words and photos to date are below:

Day One

Day One Pics

Day Two

And Mark wraps up his reaction in the aptly titled OSU Wrap Up.

Above: Mr. Peters as Superman.

From his Wikipedia entry:

As a joke, he once stood on the building ledge outside the Daily News building for thirty minutes wearing a Superman costume so that he could make an entrance to a meeting through the window in the manner of actor George Reeves entering Perry White's office on The Adventures of Superman.

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Mark Anderson said...

Glad you liked it! And that photo... WOW!