Monday, November 05, 2007

Lynn Johnston Interview Videos

Here are two videos of FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE creator Lynn Johnston were recently posted at the "CBC News: The National" Web site:

Lynn Johnston - The Artist at Work

Life in a Comic Strip

She talks about the process behind the strip (she takes lots of photos and acts out the parts), and, in the Life in a Comic Strip vid, mentions her recent separation from her husband. The direction on The Artist at Work is a bit maddening. At one point she's drawing at her board and the camera does not move in for a close up on her drawing. We finally get some close ups of her pencilling at the end of the first video, with more of the same in the second.

A big hat tip to illustrator Patricia Storms ... and don't forget to check out her blog Booklust.

Oh, and here's a link to a 1979 lengthy video interview (that's mentioned in the new Life in a Comic Strip video) "Up Close and Personal."


Mark Anderson said...

I've heard a lot more lately of cartoonists taking pics of themselves and others posing for reference.

This sort of thing seems ripe for a Flickr set. Maybe find some older comics and take pics of people posing the frames?

Jennifer Darlington said...

Thanks for the heads up on those videos! She is my favorite.