Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Best Thanksgiving Cartoons

We were around the Thanksgiving table, talking cartoons. The one and only Stephanie Piro invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner with her friends and family. So, if there's more than one cartoonist at the table, then, of course, there is going to be cartoon talk.

"Here are the 4 best Thanksgiving cartoons," I announce, loudly and boorishly, letting everyone know that two of them are mine. "There's the one of the Mayflower sailing toward America with a big sign, 'Contents May Settle' on the back." I drew this up (see above) and then took it out of circulation when I saw that the cartoon had been done all ready! I saw it in an old collection of cartoons later, and I just did not know it had been done before. These things happen!

"And then there's the one of all these turkeys at a party, all wearing those little nametags that say 'Hi, I'm Tom,' 'Hi, I'm Tom,''Hi, I'm Tom.' This is by my pal Mark Anderson.

"And then there's one where a turkey is being X-rayed at the doctor's office and the doctor turkey is pointing to the patient turkey's solar plexus and saying, 'Well, Bob, here's you problem: your internal organs have been shrinkwrapped!'" I drew that one a couple of years ago, and it appeared in, of all things, a higher education journal. And I can't find a copy of the cartoon just now.

"But the best one I've seen," I continued loudly, for tryptophan has zero effect when I'm hepped up on Cartoon Talk,"is Roy Delgado's cartoon from the November 21, 2007 Wall Street Journal."

Roy is, as I've mentioned before, on a one-man mission to sell a cartoon to The New Yorker.

This makes over 19,500 cartoons REJECTED by The New Yorker in my lifetime. If they ever DID buy one, I'd probably have a heart-attack! I can't win either way!

I read his Roy Delgado Blog to check his progress!

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