Thursday, December 06, 2007

Don Martin Sound Effects

Darren Garnick, of the Nashua Telegraph, writes about the life of "MAD's Maddest Cartoonist" Don Martin.

He talks about the new big 2 volume slipcased Don Martin collection of cartoons. I agree with him that it's a trip down memory lane -- and I also agree that a lot of cartoonists love Martin. So many of were MAD readers. I remember copying his characters when I was a wee lad.

Below is a sidebar from the article, which mentions a site I visit all too little. So here, via Mr. Garnick, are a few of the fantastic Don Martin sound effects as documented in Ed Norris and John Hett’s Don Martin Dictionary:
  • Ack gak gark! Man having a heart attack.
  • Blorf breedeet: Gagged man trying to talk.
  • Clink cloink bzzt: Putting money in Vend-O-Hair machine.
  • Grunch grunch gashlikt! Sculptor pressing thumbs into man’s head
  • Snap ploobadoof: Wonder Woman releasing her Amazon brassiere.
  • Spa-zunch: Superman swatting a fly on Lois’ back.
  • Spaloosh: Mafia informant dumped in river wearing cement shoes.
  • Stroinggoink: Olive Oyl falling down a sidewalk grating and being saved by her nose.
  • Thwak: Tooth being knocked out of mouth with a hockey puck.
  • Tip-tippity tap: Tadpole tap dancing.
  • Unklik: Man being released from dungeon wall.
More at the Don Martin Dictionary!

And it should be noted that Don Martin's original Signet paperback books (CAPTAIN KLUTZ, DON MARTIN FALLS 13 STORIES, etc.) are not included, despite the book being touted as a complete collection. I have heard that the book is all ready sold out, so I hope that this other material will be reprinted in 2008!


Spikey said...

I think Thwak has gone on to become something of a classic, but you gotta love Snap ploobadoof.

richardcthompson said...

Dang, I read this yesterday and I can still hear them in my head. Especially Stroinggoink. I can picture it, too.

Mike Lynch said...

I still want a t-shirt that says NEAR-SIGHTED STRONG-MAN'S CLUB.

Anonymous said...

One day I found a French version of Mad and there inside was a translation of that wonderful Near-sighted Strongman's Club shirt and to the best of my recollection it read: "Club Des Halterophiles Myope" I just about died.

Doug Gilford said...

The link has changed for the Don Martin Dictionary.

It's now:


Mike Lynch said...

Thanks for the update, Doug. I've changed the URL.

Unknown said...

I remember Mad Mag's Don Martin's Sound Effect Stickers: "foinsap!" (man getting hit in the face with a hand saw), "Shtoink!" (getting poked in the eye), "poit" (woman tightening a corset and a boob popping up), "gesnaw!" (snoring), "sclortch" (someone stepping in dog poo), "Thort" bird poo on someone's hat, and from other toons: "glit glittery glorp" sound of rain

The man was a master!

Unknown said...

I remember one where a guy was sitting in his house at night, and noticed the sound of frogs outside: "Breet breet! Tood tood!"
He goes to the door opens it. Standing there is a giant frog, going, "BREET BREET! TOOD TOOD!"

That was from the mid to late 50's.

Unknown said...

This is my all-time favorite Don Martin cartoon.
Also loved "Junior's first visit to the Men's room alone." Junior washed his hands and spots the paper towel dispenser and reads the instructions: PULL DOWN, TEAR UP.