Tuesday, December 18, 2007

SCTV - Count Floyd's Scary Little Christmas Promo

Over at Sandra Bell-Lundy's Between Friends Blog, she reviews the new scary movie I AM LEGEND.

I read I AM LEGEND by Richard Matheson and it scared me a lot. And that's just ink on newsprint. Cheap paperback newsprint at that!

I believe in what the host of Monster Chiller Horror Theatre Count Floyd says about scary movies. I can still remember his lame Transylvania accent, "Ooh. We gotta scary movie tonight, kids! Really scaaary -- but too scary."

I've never seen any of the movie versions of I AM LEGEND because I avoid most scary movies (exceptions: THE HAUNTING (1961 version), 28 DAYS LATER (I had to keep stopping the movie to calm down), and SHAWN OF THE DEAD). I'd rather watch something not too scary, thank you very much!

So, here is Count Floyd, and his Christmas Special promo.

I miss SCTV!


richardcthompson said...

Ha! I could do a great Count Floyd imitation back in the '80s, so dead-on that my friends would tell me to please quit it already, they didn't want to hear it anymore.

I can still do him, even better probably, and my daughters tell me the same thing.

Remember the Blood Sucking Monkeys from Sewickley, PA? Oh, don't get me started. But thanks for posting this!

richardcthompson said...

Or was it West Mifflin?

Sandra said...

If you can watch 28 Days, you can watch I Am Legend. 28 Days was scary and it was downright depressing!

...and I remember good Count Floyd... :)