Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hot Women of Star Trek TOS

Posted on Flickr by a fellow named Poletti comes The Galactically Hot Women of Star Trek TOS!

Sure, there's no Seven of Nine here, but you do get a sample of some of The Old Show's great line up of ladies of the Federation:

Above: Droxine, Number One, Lt. Helen Noel, Lt. Mira Romaine.

And there's many more at The Galactically Hot Women of Star Trek TOS site. And there's a voting session for you to vote on the hottest.

But -- uh -- Spock's Mom in one of the hotties? Eew. Dude, she deserves a little respect, huh?

But you overlooked my favorite:

Unless I missed it, Zarabeth from ALL OUR YESTERDAYS, needs to be part of this! A crime, Polettti! Please deem fit to add Mariette Hartley's character to the roster. And, if I may be so nerdy hardcore ("nerdcore"), The Companion from METAMORPHOSIS should, technically, be on the list.

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Related: The Women of TOS by Laura Goodwin.

H/t to The BEAT.


A. Taylor said...

Classic beauties, all.
Poletti also has a Women of UFO stream as well - purple hair still makes my heart skip a beat.

Mike Lynch said...

Mr. Taylor, you've earned your pay for the week! Thanks!

Brian Fies said...

Darn it, Mike, we've talked about this before and I thought I'd set you straight. There is Leslie Parrish, followed by all other pretenders. Don't make me tell you again!

In addition, there has been no better, colder deflation of the male ego than, "I could no more love you than I could love a new species of...bacteria!" For that alone, she has my undying devotion.

Mike Lynch said...

Oh, right you are, Brian. That's the comment that cause Apollo to blow up. Blow up real good.

And she looked good in both a uniform and a toga.

Regardless of your lecture, Professor Fies, I still go for TOS hoochie-mama Helen Noel 'cause she fills out that mini skirt uniform like a brick house!