Monday, December 31, 2007


Here's a lot of 1950s-60s nostalgic swag for a single panel cartoon about a nutso kid with ADD!

Johnny C.'s A Hole in the Head blog (one of my favorite blogs) highlights Dennis the Menace Songs, a 75rpm record from Golden Records that sold for 29 cents back in the day. You got 2 songs to listen to: the DTM theme, as well as an ode to his firearms: a song titled simply "Ka-Pow! Ka-Pow! Ka-Pow!"

Related: the Children's Records and More blog has a Dennis the Menace "original TV soundtrack stories" available for download.

Another odd DTM item: "Dennis Takes a Poke at Poison" comic book from the Comics With Problems site There's also scans from "Dennis the Menace returns for Child Abuse and Neglect." The comic was drawn by Al Wiseman, long-time assistant to Hank Ketcham. Illustrator Bill Alger (and a friend that I don't see near often enough) notes this on his Al Wiseman blog.

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Mark Anderson said...

I wanna see "Dennis the Menace and the Electric Fence!"