Friday, December 07, 2007

Holiday Cards and Shopping

Correspondent Martha White writes that "year-end photocopied brag sheets and e-cards can never replace the original handwritten holiday note" in this article from the Christian Science Monitor, which includes the above card.
"My grandfather, a prolific letter writer – his updated "Letters of E.B. White" goes into paperback this month – managed a personalized, printed card in 1950 with his own verse and a drawing of his dachshund puppy descending steep stairs – a feat that occasionally resulted in a nose dive."
And good ol' Alan Gardner The Daily Cartoonist purveys cartoonist-related sites that have holiday card themes.

Tom Spurgeon serves up a mega-list of cartoon related items that are on the market in his Comics Reporter Holiday Shopping Guide. Not for the weak of wallet! And it's so big that, even after a minute or two with my high-speed cable connection, it's still loading the page.

Big hat tip to dear ol' Dad for the E.B. White link. Thanks Dad!

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Mark Anderson said...

E-cards just never did it for me either, tech-nut though I am.