Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Alison Bechdel on German TV

Here is a report (in German) about Alison Bechdel from a recent German TV show:

And, here is Ms. Bechdel shooting video of the Germans filming her:

From the WCAX TV News series "Drawn Here," about Vermont-area cartoonists, a video report on Ms. Bechdel from May 17, 2007.

Hat tip to Journalista! for links to the video of Alison Bechdel shooting video of the Germans shooting video.

Related: the Newsarama Blog has a round-up of the WCAX series on cartoonists. I did not see any video, but there are text interviews from the Spring 2007 series.

Fortunately, Alison Bechdel posted this WCAX video profile of the New Yorker's Ed Koren.

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