Monday, January 28, 2008

Pin Up Playing Cards UPDATED

My friend Mark Anderson has some cool toys, and occasionally, he shares with others. In this case, he has a set of pin-up cartoon playing cards by an unknown cartoonist. All the cards, each with its unique color gag cartoon, are there to click through and enjoy.

Go read my comments and see if you can add anything to ID the mystery cartoonist. Or, just ogle the fun good girl art!

UPDATE: Thanks to a fellow cartoonist who emailed me, the man who drew those cards is most likely Bill Wenzel! Wenzel was a prolific cartoonist for The Kinds of Magazines Men Like. Thanks, Mac, for shining the light on this.

Above 2 Wenzel cartoons from the Comic Art Fans History of the Sex Cartoon by George Hagenauer.

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