Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Don't Name Your Comic Book Character "CLINT"

Hat tip to John Klossner! See you tomorrow, John!

The old story goes that there are certain words that are forbidden in comics. I mean, other than those 7 dirty words.

Chief among the forbidden words in the history of comics is the name "Clint."

This link is on a couple of sites. I'm not sure where the blog page is from, other than it's related to U. Penn., but it tells why the name "Clint" is not used. Ditto the word "flicks." I think you can see why above.

The panel above looks like a Simon and Kirby illustration. I think I first heard about this CLINT/FLICK stuff years ago from Archie artist Stan Goldberg (whose first job was in the Timely Comics' bullpen's offices in the Empire State Building assisting Carl Burgos -- so Stan should know). Never saw any examples before now.

- Originally posted by Mike Lynch March 29, 2006.


Keath said...

Isn't it amazing how the eye works?

Mockingbird Station in Dallas, TX once put up a billboard advertising their independent movie theatre and used the word "Flicks." Sure enough it was easily mistaken, especially from further away and zipping by on the highway. At the time I remember thinking "Did they even look at the copy before signing off on that?" I didn't realize there was a rule (official or not) already in place :)

No word on whether the mistaken readings led to an increase in likely disappointed customers.

richardcthompson said...

There's an indie comic titled "Clint Flicker", too.

Who was that guy with all the theories about subliminal advertising, like the word "sex" hidden in some ice cubes in a liquor ad?

Hey, the random word verification jumble on my post spells hukabesux! What's up with that?

Keath said...

>> Hey, the random word
>> verification jumble on my post
>> spells hukabesux! What's up
>> with that?

That wins the internets today my friend - hilarious!

Mark Anderson said...

I knew about flick, but clint is a new one for me.


Mike Lynch said...

Yow!!! One whiff of sex and people are whipping out their keyboards and getting all excited!

Avery Goode said...

I used to mention this little anecdote to my animation writing class. Years ago, cartoon great Vaughn Bode did a drawing (for a convention brochure, I think) of a lizard in a cowboy get-up. He was finger-flicking his 10-gallon, but the hand-lettered sound effect sure didn't look like "FLICK!"