Thursday, January 17, 2008

Congratulations Stephanie Piro!

I went to get the paper this evening and who do I see on the cover?!

Congratulations to my friend and fellow cartoonist Stephanie Piro upon her winning the Illustrator of the Year award by the Cat Writers' Association for her great illustrations in PAWS FOR THOUGHT: UNDERSTANDING WHAT YOUR CAT IS THINKING written by Anne Leighton. She also won a Certificate of Excellence for her illustrations for another book: 101 COOL GAMES FOR COOL CATS written by Elissa Wolfson. Both books are available in European bookstores, and online via the Cat Lovers Club.

And Stephanie's own book, full of wonderful cat cartoons, MY CAT LOVES ME NAKED, also received a Certificate of Excellence.

Here's the story from the Rochester Times newspaper.

Some samples of the work from her site here.


Mark Anderson said...

Hey Stephanie! Congrats!

Or should I say... Cron-cats!


Congrats is way better. I dunno what I was thinking. I'm... I'm sorry.

Paul Giambarba said...

Purr-fectly appropriate. Way to go, Stephanie

saturdaychick said...

Thank you, Mike. It was so nice of you to mention this on your blog!

Thank you, too, Mark and Paul.